Anxiety and Stress

Stress / anxiety is part of modern day life

We all experience it. Although we can’t eliminate it, we can learn how to  manage it more effectively.

Do any of the following sound or feel familiar ?

      • Constantly worried & anxious
      • Panic attacks
      • Fear of being judged
      • Fear of crowds
      • Fear of flying (or spiders, or snakes etc.)
      • Obsessive and or compulsive behaviour (hand washing, switching lights off etc.)
      • Financial problems
      • Family problems
      • Insomnia

These are all symptoms of anxiety and stress. While everyone experiences some of the above from time to time, if symptoms persist and begin to negatively impact on our daily lives then it is a good idea to get help by talking to a trained counsellor.

Stress and Anxiety Counselling Wicklow

A lot of my private clients come to get help with stress issues. In working together with me you will be helped to get an understanding of the underlying causes of your stressful situation. And you will be helped to take steps to ease the stress.

People find that the simple steps involved in getting control of  their feelings, behaviour and thinking brings lasting relief. They feel able to use the learning  involved on a day to day basis –  so much so that they are able to renew enjoyment of life.

From time to time I run Stress Control Classes locally.

Get in touch

Please contact me about anxiety and stress counselling on 085 125 4350.  

Thank you.

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