Personal Problems

We all experience problems during life

We may be feeling depressed, anxious, or unable to cope. We may be struggling with problems of self esteem. Maybe we are not sure of our direction in life.

Childhood may have been tough. Or perhaps there are difficulties at home or at work. A relationship may be in trouble.

Talking about the things that are troubling you with a professional can often help. You get a chance to explore issues and to seek solutions – at your own pace. In confidence.

Counselling in Wicklow – what we offer

Counselling and psychotherapy can offer a very safe and secure relationship . It is often the most secure a client has known or can remember.

The length of time that therapy takes varies from person to person. But by focusing on your desired goals, counselling can help bring lasting changes and assist you to move forward into a more fulfilling future.

Get in touch

For private, effective counselling in Wicklow, please contact me on 085 125 4350. 

Thank you.

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