Young People and Teen Counselling

For young people, entering and growing through their teens can be quite challenging.

Physical, psychological and emotional changes are taking place.

This can lead to problems such as:

  • Behaviour difficulties
  • Drug and or alcohol abuse
  • Anxiety and or depression
  • Family problems
  • Self harming and suicidal thoughts
  • Sexual orientation and or development issue

Teasing and bullying can be hard to disclose. Bereavement can be troubling. And parents having constant rows or separating/divorcing can be very upsetting.

For parents, understanding abrupt mood and behaviour changes in a child/young person can be demanding and sometimes distressing. Communication can often be difficult. Strain can begin to show in wider family relations. Having an experienced counsellor support your child can be of considerable benefit.

Friendly and Supportive Teen Counselling

I try to provide as friendly and supportive a service to the young person as possible. Sometimes it feels safer to be heard by an older stranger who is professional and non-judgemental.

By talking in confidence and safety to an experienced adult – in my case both a parent and a former teacher – the young person has an opportunity to address and explore issues which may be troubling him or her.

And please note that the written consent of parents (form provided by me) is required for counselling under 18s.