Getting Started

Starting Counselling in Wicklow

Once you have contacted me, an initial meeting is arranged. Your goals and what you hope to gain from counselling and psychotherapy are explored.

Usually some background information is taken, in complete confidence, and a planned way of dealing with the issue is explored and explained.

Counselling may be new to you and you may be nervous – please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about the process.

If, at the end of our first meeting, you feel that you would like to start using my Wicklow counselling services, then a suitable time and day for meeting will be agreed. It is normal to meet once a week and to review progress after 6-8 weeks.

Every individual is special and each has his or her own needs. This is why the time taken in counselling varies from person to person. But my goal of assisting and supporting you will remain constant.

Counselling in Wicklow – Fees

Fees for a 55 minute session are:

  • Individual: €70
  • Unwaged or student: €60 (limited number)

Counselling in Wicklow – Get in touch

Interested in counselling in Wicklow? Please contact me at 085 125 4350.

Thank you.

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